in Australia do i register my company in ASIC what is ASIC registration

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in Australia do i register my company in ASIC what is ASIC registration

What is ASIC and do I really have to register my company with ASIC? These are common questions asked in layman terms for anybody wishing to start their own business in Australia, whether how big or small. So what is ASIC? The acronym stands for Australian Securities and Investments Commission.
On visiting their website in the link above, you will find that you are able to register your company online and registering your business name should just take an average of 15 – 20 minutes to complete. Be sure to read the steps to register a business name from beginning to end so you would have a fair idea if you are on the right track to owning your company.


Note that all businessess must be registered with ASIC in Australia and operating a business without prior business registration is illegal. Visit the link provided above as they do provide all the information you will need to start up your company anywhere in Australia.
It may also be best advice to seek professional help with ASIC registered agents who provide best legal advises as well as assistance in your business registration and may even provide you other business services such as accounting, local permit applications when needed, etc.
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