how to get top search results and organic traffic with seo

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how to get top search results and organic traffic with seo


Owning a website that is not showing on top online search results is like owning a convenience store that is just known in the neighborhood.  But than this could also mean only receiving visits from customers who only happen to pass by or heard about the store.


Being on top first page of online search results means you will receive at least 65% of traffic or visits from those who searched your keywords and were shown your website.  Sadly, even if you are knowledgeable on web development, how to get on top search results is not that easy and you are best advised to hire a genuine SEO consultant to optimize your site and your keywords for effective website search engine optimization.


SEO or search engine optimization simply explained, is the method used to properly optimize your site for search engine robots to properly crawl and index your website.  Without effective and proper SEO, your website will be buried in obscurity online with only you and those you have informed knowing about your website.  If optimized effectively, online search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo,or Baidu, etc.  will be showing your website’s keywords everytime someone looks up and searches your keywords thereby bringing you the so called organic traffic.


Website SEO is what most site owners prefer over SEM or search engine marketing or even PPC (pay per click) or PTC (Pay to click) options, wherein the three latter options are acceptably, expensive and traffic results end (if they are even successful is another matter) as soon as paid subsciptions are stopped.  


Organic Traffic from successful website and keywords optimization are Unlimited and FREE and this is compared to the three latter mentioned paid methods wherein each organic visit is paid upon a click of  your website’s url which could in turn be very costly for each results are often bidded to the highest bidder for keyword campaigns.  


It is advised to hire genuine SEO consultants only to optimize your website and your keywords and when you do, to look for someone with credibility.  Just as how our homepage as well as other web pages are on top  online search results, we can successfully SEO or optimize your website too.  Check and purchase any of our effective SEO Services or Contact Us for more enquiries or for customized options depending on your requirements and even budget.  If you are purchasing both our professional quality web designs and effective SEO services, enquire with us for we may have special discounts to offer you.