how to get first page ranking with seo

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how to get first page ranking with seo?


If you are a webmaster,  site owner or even a fellow SEO professional, you would have arrived on this page after seeing our website link on top first page of your online search results related to, how to get first ranking with seo?   How were we confident to be in first pages of SERPs or search engine result pages, even while we were writing this article?


The answer is of course not that too simple as it may seem but rather complex as there are a lot of factors.  First, the constant changes in search algorithms  being implemented by search engines is a major factor and Secondly, your competition is a factor and of course there are many more.  The latter two summarizes what you can focus on to be in first page.   SEO or search engine optimization is important because this is basically what guides you to prepare your website to be found and indexed by search engines.   The before mentioned search algorythms of each search engines , determines how to index and rank your website in their online search results.


Secondly your competition is important because, if they are on top first pages for your website keywords, they could probably  be hiring SEO services.  Getting professional help or acquiring genuine SEO services is the best and surest way to be successfully on top search results with your  keywords.  Effective SEO services, such as what we offer, are provided to ensure your website  is properly search engine optimized and appear in first pages for your keywords.


However, not all SEO companies or services are  the same.  We differ among others for we do guarantee our results in 60 days for first page success or your money back.  If you do a search on this topic, you will notice that a lot of companies don’t give guarantees and that they are just aiming for top 3 pages or top 30 results only and even tie you up into a contract of at least 6 months with NO Guarantees at all.


We are so confident to succeed that we don’t tie our clients to a fixed contract and in fact our conditions are all one sided and in favor of our customers.  Our rates are very competitive and in fact maybe lowest amongst the best offering genuine and effective search engine optimization services.  Also, if you are a large company or corporation looking for effective website SEO, enquire with us for our FREE basic seo services and see us rank your single hardest keywords or phrase  in first pages, FREE!  Note that this offer is subject to availability and approval and may be revoked at any time.  Please Contact Us if you would like to avail this offer.

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